Iams PROACTIVE HEALTH Healthy Senior (11+ Years) Dry Cat Food with Chicken, 16 Pound Bag

Give your senior cat the nutrition they need to live long and stay strong. IAMS PROACTIVE HEALTH HEALTHY SENIOR (11 Years Old and Older) Dry Cat Food is made with chicken as the first ingredient and contains 0% fillers. Pet parents choose IAMS food for senior cats because it is formulated to nourish bones and joints, while L-carnitine helps senior cats maintain an ideal body condition. Our wholesome cat food is also enriched with antioxidants to support a healthy immune system and our tailored fiber blend supports digestion and nutrient absorption with healthy prebiotics and beet pulp. Help your cat feel their best at any age with IAMS PROACTIVE HEALTH HEALTHY SENIOR dry food for cats.

Product Features

  • Contains one (1) 16-lb. bag of IAMS PROACTIVE HEALTH Healthy Senior Chicken Recipe Dry Cat Food; Feed your cat nutrition the way nature intended; Your cat is a hunter; A carnivore by nature. Ready for the thrill of the best nature has to offer
  • Chicken is a key ingredient in IAMS cat food. With a delicious flavor cats love, our high quality protein helps maintain healthy muscles and provides the amino acids essential to carnivorous animals
  • Our tailored fiber blend includes prebiotics and beet pulp to support your cat’s digestive health, and a mix of protein and carbs contribute to healthy energy levels for your cat
  • IAMS’ delicious, wholesome cat food is enhanced with vitamin E to support immune system health. 100% complete and balanced for adult cats in every bite. IAMS is veterinarian recommended
  • Our nutritional philosophy is based on years of research to promote the health of pets everywhere. IAMS products are subjected to more than 100 quality control checks that exceed USDA and FDA standards. 100% satisfaction or we’ll refund your money

2 thoughts on “Iams PROACTIVE HEALTH Healthy Senior (11+ Years) Dry Cat Food with Chicken, 16 Pound Bag

  1. Quite good food I have 4 cats, two under 11 years of age, 2 over. After reading up on old cat food for younger cats, and being reassured that this would not harm their health, I tried it, as I gear their feeding to the older cats who need the specialized diet. All of them, old and younger (youngest is 6) have been doing beautifully on this food. Their weight is stable, no urinary tract problems as with some foods, they like it, and no regurgitating food. It seems to be satisfying the requirements of both…

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