Meow Mix Seafood Selections Variety Pack Wet Cat Food, 2.75-Ounce (pack of 24)

Meow Mix Seafood Selections Wet Cat Food Variety Pack is full of delicious flavors that will have feline fish fans meowing for more. Each of these three unique recipes has wholesome ingredients and irresistible taste, so it’s no wonder that cats ask for them by name!

Product Features

  • Contains 24 – 2.75 oz cups
  • Variety pack includes Tender Favorites With Real Tuna & Whole Shrimp in Sauce (8 cups), Savory Morsels With Real Salmon & Ocean Fish in Gravy (8 cups) and Savory Morsels With Real Tuna & Crab in Gravy (8 cups)
  • A variety with irresistible seafood combinations in wholesome savory sauce
  • Every variety is 100% complete and balanced nutrition for kittens and adult maintenance
  • Sealed in stay-fresh easy-open cups to lock in natural juices and flavors

3 thoughts on “Meow Mix Seafood Selections Variety Pack Wet Cat Food, 2.75-Ounce (pack of 24)

  1. This is cat food. It feeds cats. That’s it. Um…so I used to buy the really expensive food cus I live alone and I have a really unhealthy dependent relationship with my cats. One day a friend gave me a box of Meow Mix, cus his cat didn’t take to it, and I thought, okay, well even though it’s probably, like, lips and hooves? It’s still wet food and I’ll just use it as an occasional treat and I’ll see how that goes until the box runs out. My little girl took to it and wouldn’t go back to the expensive stuff. Not even wet fancy feast,…

  2. REAL TUNA Real seafood in the Tuna & Shrimp – small shrimp and red-meat tuna (blood-line meat probably) with juice – she LOVES it!And I love giving it to her since it’s not so much filler / wheat gluten, etc.Some of the other flavors DO have starch, and filler in it – but the blue one – the Tuna & shrimp – she digsWatch out kids though – with our poisoned waters – too much tuna MAY be no good for the kitties though – MERCURY still is a problem with fish.Oh – and BTW – this Isn’t…

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