Meow Mix Tender Centers, 13.5-Pound, Tuna & Whitefish

Meow Mix Tender Centers Tuna & Whitefish Flavors cat food has delicious tender tuna and whitefish flavors combined in a unique kibble that’s crunchy on the outside and meaty on the inside. This irresistible mix of tastes and textures is also fortified with essential nutrients to help support your cat’s health.

Product Features

  • Contains 1 – 13.5 lb bag
  • Dual-textured kibble combines a tender center with a crunchy outer layer
  • Tasty tuna and whitefish flavors
  • Essential nutrition help support overall health
  • 100% complete and balanced nutrition for kittens and adult maintenance

2 thoughts on “Meow Mix Tender Centers, 13.5-Pound, Tuna & Whitefish

  1. Nice Quality Cat Food at a Reasonable Price. I donate cat food to a cat rescue group. They catch the many feral cats in the area and spay or neuter the older cats. These older cats are usually too wild to ever make good pets. When they can be spayed or neutered, then released back into the wild, this project is making serious inroads on what was an enormous number of wild and dumped cats.If possible, the females are trapped in a humane trap, and brought indoors with their babies. When the babies are old enough, they are taken…

  2. Good Taste – Poor Quality My cats seem to like the flavor of Meow Mix but the list of ingredients does nothing to support a cats health, and mine will throw it back up on a routine basis. At first, I didn’t understand why my cats were throwing up so much, but after doing a little research on Meow Mix’s ingredients I realized it was their food. Meow Mix is full of corn, which is not digestible to cats and other ingredients are known to make your kitty sick.After switching to a dry cat food that is reasonably priced…

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