Meow Mix Tender Favorites Poultry and Beef Variety Pack Wet Cat Food, 2.75 oz, 24-Count

Meow Mix Tender Favorites Poultry & Beef Variety Pack has the perfect mix of tastes your cat will love. Made with juicy pieces of real chicken, beef, or turkey, these mixes make every mealtime irresistibly delicious.

Product Features

  • Contains 24 – 2.75 oz cups
  • Variety pack includes Tender Favorites With Real Chicken & Liver in Sauce (8 cups), Tender Favorites With Real Chicken & Beef in Sauce (8 cups) and Tender Favorites With Real Turkey & Giblets in Sauce (8 cups).
  • A variety of wholesome poultry and beef combinations in savory sauce
  • 100% complete and balanced nutrition for kittens and adult maintenance
  • Sealed in stay-fresh easy-open cups to lock in natural juices and flavors

3 thoughts on “Meow Mix Tender Favorites Poultry and Beef Variety Pack Wet Cat Food, 2.75 oz, 24-Count

  1. The perfect food for cats that need a wet diet post bladder stones! I don’t typically write reviews but since are pets are our babies I had a strong urge to write one so that others searching for options for a cat with bladder stones can find the food that they need. My 4 year old female Maine Coon started going outside her box and then suddenly there was blood. I raced her to the vet to find out she had bladder stones and needed emergency surgery that cost me $2300. Post surgery I was told she needed a fancy bag of food that would cost like $30 every 2-3…

  2. Gobble Gobble – they love it! I have been feeding three sibling feral cats Meow Mix dry cat food for a few months and decided to give them a treat with some wet food. I read a lot of reviews here because I didn’t want to give them something they wouldn’t like. So today was the day and they LOVED it. I can’t afford to give it to them every day – maybe a couple of times a week as a special treat along with the dry food, but I was really happy that they enjoyed it so much. One of them was rolling around on my back porch…

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